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Pharmaceutical Industry

Zhuhai Topower New Energy Company has established friendly business contacts with prestigious scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises in western Europe, such as University of Cambridge, London University College(UCL), Alienor Farma of France, British Biomedical Incubators(FDI), FERRER of Spain, BLAL of Portugal, DOMPE of Italy, etc.In addition, we have already established cooperation with many well-known medical experts and institutions at home and abroad. 

In 2019, 
we have signed a cooperative research and development agreement with Alienor Farma, a Pharmaceutical Company of France, and successfully licence-in an advanced anticancer drug(Phase II completed) to continue the Phase III clinical trials and new drug application(NDA) in China. The project has already landed in Beijing. At present, the company has organized a team composed of six senior expert consultants, eight full-time personnel (including two PhDs, three masters and three bachelors), which provides the confidence and capability to analyze and evaluate the high-standard innovative achievements in the pharmaceutical field abroad. Our company is committed to promoting the licensing-in and transformation of international advanced biomedical achievements in China to meet the unmet clinical needs and for the benefit of the Chinese people.