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Xuwen Yizhong Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.:

Xuwen Yizhong Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017. The company has mainly engaged in new energy equipment manufacturing, with a planned project investment of 150 million yuan($23.5 million). Regarding this project, a framework contract and an investment agreement have been signed with the Xuwen County People’s Government in September 2016 and July 2017, successively, and was launched on December 18,2017. The project has covered an area of 16.47 acres, which is located close to 207 National Road, only 2 km away from Xiaqiao Exit and 4km away from Xucheng Exit of Zhan Xu Expressway.

Zhuhai Guanghai Energy Co., Ltd. :

Zhuhai Guanghai Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2022 in Doumen District, Zhuhai City. Our core business includes the operation, maintenance, and management of new energy power stations, the execution of clean energy electricity projects, investment in energy storage stations, and the management of proprietary assets.


In 2023, Zhuhai Guanghai Energy Co., Ltd. obtained a Level Four qualification for the installation, repair, and decoration of electric power facilities from the Southern Supervision Bureau of the National Energy Administration, as well as a safety production license from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, and a qualification certificate for construction industry enterprises. The company currently employs 2 senior power engineering technicians, 1 intermediate electrical engineer, 1 senior electrical operator, 4 personnel for high-altitude operations, 8 high-voltage and 8 low-voltage electricians each, 4 certified dispatchers from the power supply bureau, and 4 certified safety production personnel.

Leveraging advanced technologies such as big data analysis and supercomputing, Zhuhai Guanghai Energy Co., Ltd. provides users with multidimensional solutions for power forecasting, assessment of new energy resources, energy data governance, and more. These solutions enhance the efficiency of new energy power station operation, maintenance, and management. The company has already achieved multiple successful project performances. Notable project achievements include: maintenance of the Xuwen Hexi 50MW photovoltaic power generation project, construction and installation of the voltage boosting station for the Zhanjiang Xuwen Huafengling wind power project, investment and operation of the project's energy storage station, and operation and maintenance of distributed photovoltaic power stations for Zhuhai Yuekong New Energy Investment Co., Ltd.