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Zhuhai Topower New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, specializing in development of new energy project, equipment manufacturing and technology transfer of new energy. After nearly seven years of development, the company has invested a total of 2.3 billion yuan($340.63 million) in related new energy holdings for power generation and has successfully obtained 320MW of photovoltaic power generation resources, 150MW of wind power resources, and 1000MW of energy storage in grid-connected new energy power generation. Meanwhile, with our broad social basis in Western Europe, the company is also actively exploring the development in biomedical field. We have established friendly business contacts with some institutions such as University of Cambridge, University College London(UCL) and foreign direct investments(FDI) focusing on biotech incubating.


Communications between University of Cambridge and Zhuhai Topower New Energy Co.,Ltd.

The overview of the locations of wind power resources, photovoltaic power generation resources and new energy equipment manufacturing project.


Xuwen County, a county under the jurisdiction of Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, is located at the southernmost tip of mainland China, southwest of Guangdong Province, with east longitude 109°52'-110°35'and north latitude 20°13'-20°43'. Xuwen county covers an area of 1605 square kilometers, surrounded by sea on three sides(east, west and south), which is adjacent to the South Sea in the east and northeast, Beibu Gulf in the west, Qiongzhou Strait in the south and Leizhou City in the north. The straight-line distance between Xuwen County and Hainan Island is 14.6 nautical miles (27 km) (from Port of Haikou New Pt to Hai’an Port of Xuwen County). Xuwen County is located at the southern tip of Leizhou Peninsula, with a flat terrain and stable geological structure. With the hot and dry climate, the county is extremely rich in wind and solar energy resources.

Xuwen County was historically under the control of Leizhou Prefecture and became one of the most representative places of “Leizhou culture”. There are some traditional cultures, such as Leizhou dialect, Leizhou music, Leizhou dramas and Leizhou songs, the common language is Leizhou dialect. Local folk civilization, constructions and dialects have a distinctive “Leizhou” style. Xuwen County is the famous “original port of the Maritime Silk Road” from the Han Dynasty (202BC-220AD). It has always been a bustling economic and trade fair in the southern Leizhou Peninsula and its the only route leading to Hainan Island, which has always been considered a vital center of politics, economy, culture and transportation in Leizhou Peninsula