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The government of Xuwen County and Zhuhai Topwer New Energy Co. Ltd. Successfully Signed a contract for the corporation of new energy projects

Date:2017/12/20  Click:602 times
On September 19, the Government of Xuwen County and Zhuhai Topower New Energy Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract for the cooperation of new energy projects. The company is going to build a factory for manufacturing wind power generating tower equipments and invest in a project carries capacity of about 50mw photovoltaic power generation . Secretary of Xuwen County Quancai Liang, Mayor Kangxiu Wu, chairman of CPPCC Kehuang Jiang, committee member of the county party, executive deputy mayor Hongzu Chen, county magistrate Yi Li and the executives of Zhuhai Topower New Energy Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony.

Xuwen County is rich in wind energy, solar energy and other energy resources. With the development and utilization of new energy sources and promote the development of equipment manufacturing , a number of enterprises invested in wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects in Xuwen and formed a large scale of new energy industry. However, Zhuhai Topower New Energy Co., Ltd is the first company to invest in a wind power generation tower equipment factory in Xuwen.

Zhuhai Topower New Energy Co., Ltd. plans to invest 1 billion yuan in ‘Xuwen eco-industrial Agglomeration Area’ to build an onshore and offshore wind power generation equipment in the tower equipment manufacturing factory with an annual capacity of 300 sets of wind turbine at the end of March 2017 Entry start. At the same time, in Xuwen County investment and construction capacity of about 50mw photovoltaic power generation project for the construction of the end of June 2017, is scheduled to be completed before the end of December 2017 to generate electricity.

At the meeting, the executives of company introduced the situation of the company, and said after the company settled in Xuwen and put into operation, it will step up its efforts to develop new energy industry, and contribute to the economic development of Xuwen. It is reported that the company is mainly engaged in new energy industry investment, new energy technology research, development, service and transfer, solar and wind power project development, construction, operation, sales of electricity and other comprehensive professional services.

The leaders of Xuwen County hope that the relevant departments should take the initiative to serve and integrate the enterprises in the local industrial park seriously in various services, full cooperation, complete the relevant formalities. Hope that after the company signed the contract, it will complete the planning, project design, environmental assessment and other related procedures soon to ensure that struction started on time.